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About Us

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Our Mission

Al Barari Star mission is to be the one contact solution anytime to meet the needs of our customers. Al Barari Star understands that people want immediate answers from reliable vendors. Al Barari Star uses cutting edge technology and employee loyalty to provide immediate answers. Al Barari Star delivers a client centric approach by visiting our clients and keeping an open line of communication to identify their facility maintenance and budgetary goals and developing a comprehensive program that exceeds them.

Core Goals

  • We walk, talk and work as the experts in our respective fields.
  • We have faith in maintaining long-term relationship and sprite in all our dealings.
  • Being safe at work is part of our mind-set.
  • Focused always on the job at hand. Ensuring our actions are aligned with our vision.
  • We look performance and behave like true professionals.

Our Experience

Plumbing - 10 years
Joinery - 10 years
Floor Repairs & Installation - 10 years
Drywall Installation - 10 years
Ceiling Repair - 10 Years
Landscaping - 5 Years
Full Renovation- 10 Years

What we are Good at

Being able to rely on one company to satisfy all of your carpentry, A/C installation, electrical, landscaping, ceiling repair, window repair, full renovation, drywall installation, general maintenance, plumbing, floor repairs& installation and other maintenance needs is more than just a cost-effective solution, it is your peace of mind that the job will be complete in an efficient and effective manner, all at an affordable price.